Welcome to PlaaPlaaPlaa!

So you may be wondering why PlaaPlaaPlaa? What are those strange fish symbols above? What is ปลา and what does it mean? In short, this is a blog site, so surely there's going to be plenty of rambling. Unfortunately BlahBlahBlah was already taken, so I had to settle for the 'Plaa'. But there's actually more to it then just ramblings. The first fish symbol is actually a Christian symbol meaning ICTHUS - a greek acronymn which means "Jesus Christ is God's Son, the Saviour". The other strange letters you see in the last fish is actually the thai word for fish which funnily enough is pronounced "Plaa". So when you put it all together, this site is going to be my ramblings in telling people about how Jesus Christ is God's Son, the Saviour in Thailand (with plenty of good stories about food in between). Happy reading.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fun with the new S110

After my poor S95 was fatefully dropped into the toilet, it's been a frustrating few weeks having only the camera on my mobile phone to use. But praise God I've now got a new toy to play with. Really appreciated it on my recent trip up to Doi Internon with the Timothy cell group. Photos aside, it was also great couple days away getting to know a few friends from church better, whilst also getting to appreciate and wonder at God's amazing creation even more. Here are a few pics from the trip.