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So you may be wondering why PlaaPlaaPlaa? What are those strange fish symbols above? What is ปลา and what does it mean? In short, this is a blog site, so surely there's going to be plenty of rambling. Unfortunately BlahBlahBlah was already taken, so I had to settle for the 'Plaa'. But there's actually more to it then just ramblings. The first fish symbol is actually a Christian symbol meaning ICTHUS - a greek acronymn which means "Jesus Christ is God's Son, the Saviour". The other strange letters you see in the last fish is actually the thai word for fish which funnily enough is pronounced "Plaa". So when you put it all together, this site is going to be my ramblings in telling people about how Jesus Christ is God's Son, the Saviour in Thailand (with plenty of good stories about food in between). Happy reading.

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Shelter in the time of Storm

Who would've thought that I'd be putting up a book recommendation on my blog? But I thought it was definitely worth sharing about the first book that I have actually managed to finish reading this year. In fact, not only have I read it, but I've already started reading it for the second time through, and I have a feeling that won't be the last time either. I am so thankful to my friend for sending it to me. A shelter in the time of storm is a book that has 52 meditations on Psalm 27, each meditation helping us to look deeper and think about some of the truths that the Psalmist sings about in times of trouble, difficulty and waiting on God. I have been totally blown away by the nuggets of gold that have been teaching and seriously challenging my life, my values, the extent of sin in my life, where I look for security in my life, idols that I have in my life that can shift my focus from God, plus LOTS more!! As I sit back and reflect over the events of even the past few weeks, I can already see how God has used this book to change me respond in ways that seek God, his protection, comfort and glory. It's helped me to begin to let go of things that I hold dear, but that might shift God from the rightful place in my life. My prayer is that as I continue to read and reread this book and reflect on the Psalms, God will continue to mould and shape me to be what I was created for, and that in all seasons of life, that God alone will be my shelter and protection. I'd really appreciate your prayers that I will be doing just this as well.

If you're looking for a great book to read and meditate on, I would seriously recommend this book. You will come out the other end a transformed person.